End New
Offshore Drilling

Every offshore oil spill began with a lease sale.

Offshore drilling poses huge risks to the health of communities, workers, wildlife, and the climate. That’s why community-led organizations in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska, along with allied national environmental organizations, are united in their call to the Biden administration:

No New Leases

Right now, the Biden administration is considering when and where new leasing for offshore drilling may or may not occur. This next five-year program for offshore oil and gas is critical for climate and communities - more offshore leasing is not our future.

New leasing would do nothing to alleviate current high energy prices, would undermine President Biden’s goal to cut carbon emissions by at least 50 percent by 2030, and would fuel dangerous climate change. 

Plus, impacts on U.S. oil and gas production would be negligible for at least the next decade in part because of substantial reserves already under lease. We cannot risk dirty and dangerous oil spills wrecking our ocean wildlife and coastal communities. 


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Offering new offshore drilling leases undermines your work to fight the climate crisis.



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Stand with Our Coastal Communities

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